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[Event] Ultimate Isle Layout

[Copy link] 9/516

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[Event Introduction]
Greetings my Lords,

Thank you for your support of <Fortress Isles: Sky War>. We believe most of you have a grasp on designing your own isle!

→ The [Ultimate Isle Layout Event] is underway!

Post a screenshot of your isle and share your thoughts on isle layout for a chance to win a ton of Hero Scrolls!

[Event Rules]
To participate in the event, leave a screenshot of your isle with your
IGG ID. (1 entry per IGG ID.)

PS: Tap your [Portrait] in the top-left of the main screen to bring up Your Info. Your IGG ID will be on the right side of your name.

[Event Period]
From 9/21 to 23:59, 9/27 UTC-0.

[Event Rewards]
The first 50 players to submit
a valid entry in the thread will receive Hero Scrolls*5 after the event.
In addition, the first 3 players with the most replies will receive bonus rewards: 1st - Hero
Scrolls*10, 2nd - Hero Scrolls*7, 3rd - Hero Scrolls*5.

[Reward Information]
Rewards will be sent to your accounts before 23:59:59, 2020-9-29 UTC-0.

The rules of this event are part of our <Terms of Service> (Player Info - Help - Terms of Service), and the FI team reserves the right to final interpretation of this event, its rules, and its rewards.

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IGG ID: 889890615

Consistently adjust your layout. Many seemingly tough fantasia levels can be beaten with just strategic setups.

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IGG ID: 891365588

My layout is a beast!

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A layout like this works best with wandering blade just because he can teleport if the enemy is too far away. It works for me!

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IGG ID: 893328668

I find that an arc of my towers helps clear some enemy buildings in many layouts to create multiple deploy locations for my heroes, so I am not forced to confront the enemy heroes and can head straight for their core.

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IGG ID 887984151.

 this layout of my island does help in slowing down other players advances into my island as i run with 2 healers and seem to find it difficult to cut through them at the start of the fight as they spawn really quickly at the start of battle. Because of that i have about a 70-80% win rate against players trying to raid my island.

if the picture isnt clear i run with:

1)Winter Tyrant
3)Bionic Sniper(but when i upgrade my Armored Dragon to a higher color i will see how he goes replacing this hero)
4)Nature's Sprite
5)Divine Songstress

if you have any questions, please reply to this picture and i will try to help out as best as i can

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IGG ID : 858858861
My island is a giant snake!!

Posted on 2020-09-22 08:45:40 | Show thread starter's posts only

My design is all about using my catapults for a quick foothold and then banking on my defensive towers to buy me time near the end.

Generally I run a more conservative hero team unless I’m doing bosses and then then this set up come up.

I find with a defensive team and set up I can use the towards and skills to take down teams with heroes 10-15 levels stronger if I’m lucky with my timing.