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[News] Fortress Isles Maintenance

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Posted on 2020-10-27 20:48:25 | Show thread starter's posts only

At 05:30 - 07:30(Server Time), the game will undergo a scheduled maintenance to introduce new content to the game. We appreciate your patience during this period of time.
Any changes to the maintenance's timing will be posted here. 
A maintenance gift of Gems*120 will also be sent to your account.

Content Update:
1. Added Monster Defense feature.
2. Added Race Advantage & Bonuses.
3. Added Hero Album, Prestige system, Guild invite system, and automatic transfer of Guild leadership when Guild Leader is offline for more than 5 days.
4. Added Weekly and Monthly Passes, Weekly and Monthly Packs, and Decree.
5. 7 new Heroes. (6 Merfolks and 1 Dracon.)
6. 2 new defense structures. (Winged Shield and Warhorn)
7. Added more Hero stories and voicelines.

1.  Optimized amount of resources and rewards generated.
2. Optimized sale format of Gems in the Mall.
3. Epic Hero Shard guaranteed with Summon x10. The number of shards received is random.
4. Optimized Rank requirement to continue upgrading Heroes. (Blue Rank required to upgrade Hero beyond Lv 60)
5. Optimized the amount of resources required to rank up Heroes and stats gained. (Fixed amount of stats gained for Rank 1 to 4. Stat Growth for Rank 5.)
6. First purchase reward now lasts for 3 days with 1 reward to claim per day.
7. Optimized number of chests for winning Raids and upgrade cycle of Bounty Quests.
8. Optimized and balanced stats for all Heroes.
9. Optimized difficulty of opponents new players will face on their first Raid.
10. In Showdown, Lords will be divided into groups based on their Power. Seasons now last for 7 days and points will be reset to 0 at the start of a new Season.
11. Guild member limit changed to 100 with 5 Deputy posts available.
12. Skill and Talent of Divine Songstress changed from affecting all units to 3. Amount of HP restored is increased.
13. Reworked Skill of Great Guardian. Talent changed from blocking building damage to blocking all types of damage.
14. Talent of Aerial Squad changed from dealing damage to 1 unit to 5 units when destroyed.
15. Reworked Skill and Talent of Mystery Merchant.
16. Other game optimizations.
17. Added Fantasia Chapters 21 to 30.